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Large-scale ceramic wall sculpture

Glazed porcelain/stoneware with oxides


w: 69cm d: 96cm h: 17cm


This ceramic wall-hung sculpture - together with its sister sculpture "Always" - was exhibited with Ruup & Form at Collect Art Fair in March 2023.


As with all my wall sculptures, it is constructed from textured slabs of clay, which I press mould out of moulds which I make from the surfaces of natural objects. 


You can see 1 minute video of the making process on the page for "Always", which takes you on a high-speed journey

from wet clay to finished wall-piece.


The two sculptures were acquire by a private collector and are now installed in Mayfair, London. (As seen on the last photo on this page).


I am very happy to work to commission.

Please contact me to discuss further.

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