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BEST With Breathe 5 looking through piec



I create work which explores the contradiction between the veneers of order and control we show to the world; and the private realities that lie hidden beneath the surface. This results in pieces which often have a contrast of clean, curved forms with rawness and brokenness.

I craft my one-off sculptures and vessels in a variety of stoneware and porcelain clays, using a combination of techniques: throwing forms to cut, join and distort; and slab-building with organic-textured forms.

My body of glazes creates a quiet palette – enhanced by the incorporation of engobes and oxides to create subtle variations of tone and colour.


Ceramics is my second career.  I worked in advertising for 10 years, whilst spending my evenings pursuing my genuine passion in life of clay. 


I am represented by Thrown Contemporary and The Art Buyer Gallery.  I also sell my work from my studio in North West London, where I live with my husband and two daughters.


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