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I enjoy taking on commissions of all sizes and complexity.


The interplay between sculpture and environment is present from the outset, and understanding the setting and creating a piece which is sympathetic to it adds an intriguing dimension to my process.


Do contact me if you have a wall or horizontal surface you’d like to fill.


Release 3 in Situ on side of Cotswolds House.jpg

The first step in commissioning a piece is very simple: having an initial chat about what you have in mind.

Following this, rest assured there will be plenty of dialogue at every step so that you are clear about the process and the end result.


If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please get in touch by filling in your details below.

(If you would like the piece for a particular date please indicate your time-scale.)


Guide prices and timescales for reference

Small wall and table-top sculptures (under 35cm x 35cm):

from £425, 3-6 weeks from initiation of work.

Medium-scale wall pieces (35cm x 35cm to 70cm x 70cm:

from £800, 6-12 weeks.

Large-scale wall pieces (from 70cm x 70cm:

from £2900, 10+ weeks.

Table-top sculptural vessels:

from £350, 3-6 weeks.



We respect your privacy and won't pass on your details to a third party

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