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Large-scale ceramic wall sculpture

Glazed porcelain/stoneware with oxides


w: 78cm d: 129cm h: 13cm


This ceramic wall sculpture, together with its sister-piece "Still" is concerned with the nature of upheaval. Themes of emotional impact, acceptance, evolution and continuity are explored.


The genesis for the two pieces dates back to January ‘21. A radio programme sparked the remembrance of a life-altering experience, prompting a visceral, instantaneous response. On reflection this occurrence brought to mind the observation of a friend on a personal trauma they had undergone: “I know it will always be with me”.


There is a short edit of the making process on this page, titled "2 months in 1m25s", which takes you from wet clay to installation.


The two pieces were exhibited at Collect Art Fair 2023 with the gallery Ruup & Form. They were both acquired by a private collector and are now installed in Mayfair. (As seen in the last photo here)


Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in commissioning your own wall-sculpture, or other work.

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