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Small is beautiful. But surprisingly time consuming.

It is my observation that makers often go out of their way to make things more complicated for themselves. Relishing in the difficulties encountered and needing to be overcome. I am certainly one of these makers: knowingly trying to defy gravity and the will of the kiln gods with many of my pieces.

So when a challenge is set to make a miniature version of our work, unsurprisingly many of us jump at the chance.

Such is the case of Make Mine Miniature: a challenge set to exhibitors by Celebrating Ceramics each year to make a unique miniature piece which is a true representation of their work.

The piece has to fit inside a Cone Box - which measure 7.6 cm by 7.6cm by 15.2cm.

(Pyrometric cones are used by ceramicists to monitor ceramic firings in kilns - measuring temperature, heat-work and the effect of time on the pieces in the kiln.)

I had naively thought that making a tiny version of one of my sculptural vessels would be a much quicker enterprise than at full-scale.

How wrong was I.

Physical scale 1:25

Time scale 1:1

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