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Release 2

Release 2


Shortlisted for ING Discerning Eye


Wall-hung sculpture composed of 3 elements 

Glazed stoneware with engobes and oxides


w: 55cm h: 40cm d: 18cm


‘Release 2’ is the smallest in my ‘Release’ Series. Measuring w: 55cm h: 40cm d: 18cm, it is one of my medium-scale wall sculptures.


As with all of my wall sculptures it was constructed directly onto kiln-shelves due to the fragility of the process before the clay is fired.

I use textured slabs in the making: shaping, tearing, joining and lastly propping thoroughly to prevent unwanted warping in the kiln.

After initial (bisc) firing, I used a combination of engobes and oxide on the central piece to highlight the different textures, before glazing. The outer sections are glazed with two different glazes both rich in oxides – producing the surface quality of the pieces.



  • Technical Information

    For more information about hanging wall pieces please refer to the Technical Information section at the bottom of the page

  • Delivery

    Due to the large size of this piece, please contact me directly to discuss delivery options, including  estimates from couriers.

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